In keeping with the significant expansion of capabilities over time, DCMA Schedule Analyzer forProject has been renamed to Schedule Analyzer forProject, effective immediately.

Since its introduction in 2012, the Schedule Analyzer has steadily increased in capabilities from its beginnings as a DCMA 14 Point Assessment tool.

In 2014, we added a number of Additional Health Checks and Metrics to supplement the basic DCMA metrics.  In 2017, we added support for the DCMA EVAS (later DECM) metrics.

Now, in 2021, we’ve gone even further and now support over 150 schedule counts and metrics above and beyond the DCMA specified metrics.  The Schedule Analyzer is being used by thousands of users, many that have no specific affiliation with DCMA or the Defense industry.

Accordingly, with release 4.1 we’ve renamed the product to Schedule Analyzer forProject, reflecting its broader scope and appeal.

Note that all of the DCMA-related metrics are still supported, and have actually be upgraded and enhanced in version 4.1.

All licensed users of DCMA Schedule Analyzer forProject that are covered by an in-force Maintenance and Support Agreement are eligible for the upgrade to Schedule Analyzer forProject v4.1 at no additional cost.

If your organization is covered by a Maintenance and Support agreement, you can contact for upgrade information.

If your organization is not covered by an active Maintenance and Support agreement, you can contact to get a quote for re-instatement and renewal.