forProject is pleased to announce the release of Schedule Analyzer forProject Version 4.1, with enhancements to functionality, usability and standards compliance.

This new release supports the latest DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics (DECM), along with the DCMA 14 Point Assessment metrics and over 150 additional schedule health checks and metrics to help your team quickly identify and fix potential schedule quality issues.

New in this release is support for export of the Integrated Program Management Report (IPMDAR) Schedule Performance Dataset in JSON format, to meet contractual reporting requirements.

DCMA 14 Point Assessment

The enhancements in this release include:

  • Over 75 new metrics and counts added, including:
    • Critical path – Primary
    • Critical path – Secondary
    • Critical path – Tertiary
    • High Free Slack
    • Baseline Start Changed
    • Baseline Finish Changed
    • Baseline Start Before Project POP Start
    • Baseline Finish After Project POP Finish
    • Cost Does Not Match Assignments
    • EV % < 100% with Actual Finish
    • EV % = 0 with Actual Start
    • Start Before Project POP Start
    • Finish After Project POP Finish
    • LOE with Invalid Actual Dates
    • Forecast to Miss Deadline
    • Forecast to Start Late
    • Forecast to Finish Late
    • Finished in Current Period > 30d Late
    • Finished in Current Period > 60d Late
    • Finished in Current Period > 90d Late
    • Current Execution Index (CEI)
    • Baseline Progress Index
    • Baseline Realism Index
    • PP with EV % > 0
    • PP in Rolling Wave Window
    • SLPP with Actual Start
    • SLPP with EV % > 0
    • SLPP in Rolling Wave Window
    • SM Task with EV % > 0
  • Support for (17) of the schedule-related DCMA EVMS Compliance Metrics (DECM)
  • Export of IPMDAR Schedule Performance Dataset in JSON format
  • Excel Export – Enhanced Microsoft Excel export feature to decrease memory usage, especially on larger schedules
  • Customization – Added ability to customize the display of result tabs and metric names
  • Usability – Numerous enhancements to make the easiest-to-use schedule analyzer even faster and easier to use
  • Administrative Controls – new controls to help distribute standard settings across your organization
  • Quality – Fixed all known reported bugs

Additional Product and Pricing Information

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For information on pricing, including available quantity discounts, contact our sales team at We can also arrange a private demonstration for your team.

Upgrades for Current Customers

Schedule Analyzer forProject v4.1 is available now for all customers with an active Support & Maintenance Agreement. Contact the forProject support team at for information on upgrading.

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