EVMS forProject Training Available

Improve your skills with the EVMS forProject






forProject is pleased to announce the availability of public training courses for EVMS forProject and our other products.  The training catalog and a schedule of upcoming courses can be viewed in our new forProject Learning Center, which offers both public and private training courses for our licensed customers and users.

If you have new users of EVMS forProject, the basic training course (FP-100) will give them the foundational skills to use the product effectively.  For more advanced users, we offer a range of training to expand skills and improve effectiveness with the tools.

The following courses are available, and new courses are being added monthly:

  • FP-100 Introduction to EVMS forProject
  • FP-110 Administering EVMS forProject
  • FP-120 What’s New in EVMS forProject?
  • FP-200 Importing from Microsoft Project
  • FP-230 Importing from Excel
  • FP-240 Exporting to Excel
  • FP-260 Producing IPMR Reports and UN/CEFACT Exports
  • FP-270 Producing IPMDAR Reports in JSON format
  • FP-280 Working with Project Versions

Most courses are webinar-style and instructor-led, with interactive exercises.  Courses range from 2 hours to 4 days in duration.   Fees range from free to $1495 per student, depending upon course length.

Courses are offered on a regular basis and can be booked for individual participants, or for groups.  For some courses, forProject provides access to a virtual training environment, where users can get hands-on experience with the forProject tools in a training lab environment.

Visit www.forproject.com/learning for more information or to book a course.