EVMS forProject Version 3.2 has been released, providing key enhancements, including:

  • Added Versions capability to allow for copying and comparing versions of a Project
  • Added capability to create the Integrated Program Management Data Analysis Report (IPMDAR) Contract Performance Dataset in JSON format
  • Added capability to create the IPMDAR Schedule Performance Dataset in JSON format with data imported from Microsoft Project, Project Server/Online and Primavera P6
  • Added features to track and report on Management ETC/EAC in relationship to Latest Revised Estimated ETC/EAC, including Gate Period for ACWP Mgt
  • Ability to display, report and compare Prior Period values for BAC, EAC, Baseline Dates, Actual Dates and Forecast Dates showing net changes from the prior period
  • Improved the Project Log to allow for more control over allocations of MR, UB, AUW and OTB and to simplify entering adjustments to current values
  • Added new fields to support Start/Finish EV Method including number of Baseline Periods, BCWS in first period and % of BAC in first period, and added new options to support user-entered and auto-calculated Start % on an Element basis
  • Improved Backup/Restore to support Versions and to provide new options
  • Increased standard Code field length from (50) to (255) characters
  • Added option to CAP report and Excel Export to show ACWP/ETC as a single variable
  • Improved performance of Snapshots, Backup/Restore, CAP Report and Excel Export
  • Many other improvements in response to customer requests

EVMS forProject v3.2 is available now for all customers covered under an active Support and Maintenance Agreement.

Contact our support team at support@forproject.com for information on this upgrade.